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Founded in 2005, Chongqing Assen Power Equipment Co.,Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing oil purification systems for processing industrial oils such as transformer oil, lube oil, hydraulic fluids. Each year, we export hundreds of oil purifiers around the world to provide customers with innovative solutions to extend their oil and equipment life.

Our company complies with international quality management systems and is certified with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. For customers from EU, CE marking is provided along with the products.

Our flexible manufacturing team allows us to provide customization designs for our customers so that the oil processing equipment will better suit the end user’s project. Also, we provide acceleration production plans for customers waiting for urgent oil maintenance.


Inspired by the company’s core concepts and rules, we have successively developed: insulating oil purification machine, lubricating oil purifier, turbine oil conditioner, fire-resistance oil filtration, double-stage transformer oil filtration machine, explosion-proof oil purifier, centrifugal oil purification, on-load tap changer oil filter unit, and vacuum pumping system plant. There are also can be custom-built according to your requirements.


ASSEN oil purifier machines have successfully been used in the fields of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, aviation, machinery, shipbuilding, mining, railways, etc. It has played an important role in reducing energy consumption, saving corporate costs, and reducing environmental pollution for our customers, and has been unanimously recognized and praised by users.

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